‘It is a privilege to work with our volunteers’


During National Volunteer Week, I cannot help but reflect on what a privilege it is to work with the many volunteers that give their time, talents, and treasures to the Colon Cancer Prevention Project.

Numerous individuals and groups of kind-hearted people support us in so many ways.

As one volunteer, Mohammad Ghifardi, expressed while volunteering in the office, “every time I come in here I always learn something new. That’s what I like about it.”
Similarly, volunteer Amber Ralston was excited as she shared, “I learn many new things every single day here!”
These and many similar comments from our volunteers are so wonderful to hear. While the Project has a small full-time staff, we have a huge number of committed volunteers that are truly helping save lives!
The success we have achieved has been made possible by the hard work and dedication of these individuals, and the commitment of our volunteers will ensure we continue making a difference in our communities in the future.
“When you volunteer, you are not paid in money or recognition, you are paid in love. People may forget what you said, and people may forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
Our volunteers enable the Project to achieve so much, and I cannot express how grateful I feel to have each of them involved!
I first got involved with the Project after I lost my dear Momma to colon cancer 4 years ago; she inspires me every single day. I hope you will decide to get involved with us – I will never forget how it makes me feel to work with our volunteers every day!
E-mail me at lreinhardt@c2p2ky.org or call me at 502-290-0288 to learn more about how YOU can help SAVE LIVES!
— Lindy Reinhardt, Community Outreach and Survivor Support Manager