Louisville Breakfast Table Captains

Table Captain Information

“Kicking Butt Over Breakfast”

A free event of the Colon Cancer Prevention Project

8-9 a.m. (7:30 a.m. coffee) * Oct. 27, 2016 * Spalding University CORF Building * 812 S. Second Street, Louisville, KY 40203


Who do I invite?

The Project is Kentucky’s only nonprofit focused solely on fighting colon cancer.

This event raises money and awareness of our programs. Consider who you know who cares about this cause or might be interested in learning more about it, and potentially financially supporting the fight to end colon cancer the day of this event, or at a later date. 100% of donations stay in this region, where they ensure people never face this deadly disease.


Important Dates


Sept. 18

Have e-mail invitations sent to 14-20 people (Tables fit 8-10 people (don’t forget to count yourself!) and we recommend inviting at least twice as many in order to get your table filled. If you’d like more than one table, we can make that happen). The best invitations are personal ones sent to one person at a time, with a personalized note.


Sept. 25

Do follow-up calls to anyone you invited and have not heard from


Oct. 2

Do one more follow-up email from anyone you have not heard from


Oct. 9

Send a reminder email to your guests, saying that you’re looking forward to seeing them.


Oct. 20

Send names and as much information as possible for your guests to Dave Bell, dbell@kickingbutt.org


Oct. 26

Do reminder calls to your guests, saying you’re looking forward to seeing them and sharing any specifics (such as address and parking) that they’ll want to have handy





What do I say in the invitation?

Here is a template to use in your email (also attach the pdf that will be sent with this):

Dear (name),

You know that ending colon cancer is an important cause to me. I’ve been involved with the Colon Cancer Prevention Project for (X number of) years. The Project is Kentucky and Southern Indiana’s only non-profit focused solely on the fight to end our No. 2 cancer killer, and in the last 11 years, it’s done a remarkable job.

I’d like to invite you to a breakfast on Thursday, Oct. 27 from 8-9 a.m. at Spalding University to learn more about the Colon Cancer Prevention Project’s huge impact in our region, and how you can be a part of its future. It also will be a great networking event. (See attached invitation for more information). A coffee and networking time will be from 7:30-8 a.m.

The breakfast is free but you will be invited to make a gift if you would like to support the Project’s work after hearing about it. You also will have the opportunity to learn more about volunteering for this wonderful organization.

I hope you can attend this event and learn more about this cause that means so much to me. Please RSVP to me by Oct. 8, or to Dave at dbell@kickingbutt.org (let him know whose table you will be at!).


(Your name)


Do I need to do anything for my table?

Table captains are welcome to decorate their tables and include photos, drawings, or anything else they’d like to show why they support this cause.

We want to invite each captain to please write a note for each guest, and we’ll add a lapel pin and place at the tables. A simple ‘thank you for joining me today’ would be perfect.


What do I do during the event?

Please arrive by 7:30 a.m. to decorate your table and greet your guests!

Presentations and Breakfast will occur between 8 – 9a.m.

After our speakers and video presentations, we ask that every captain take the donation envelopes we will have for them and hand them out to their guests. Our speakers will make the “ask” for support, but we encourage table captains to also ask for a financial donation to support the cause. “I would like to ask you to make a financial donation to support this cause. I know each dollar will help other “daughters” to not have to lose their momma to this highly preventable cancer.” This is also a wonderful time for you to make a personal gift, if you would like.

Have fun with it! Compete with other tables, or set a goal for your table.