Our Mission

We have one goal in mind: eliminating preventable colon cancer death and suffering by making sure people get timely screenings.

Our work spans education, advocacy, health systems improvement, and survivor support. We began kicking butt in Louisville, KY in 2003 and our work has grown to reach throughout the region.

some of our proudest accomplishments:

  • We led the fight to get Kentucky’s first-ever screening program for low-income, uninsured residents. We sit on the state advisory committee for this program and work on it at a local level as well.
  • We have launched Louisville and Lexington’s first grassroots committees that are focused on getting people screened, and we’re starting one in Eastern Kentucky soon.
  • We are leaders in the conversation to get people talking about screening before the age of 50 – and we want to make sure no one thinks this is an “old man’s disease.” Because it isn’t.
  • We have an aggressive 3-year plan to work with every community clinic in Kentucky and help them get more patients screened for colon cancer.
  • We led the work in 2015 that paved the way for a historic law that ensures no Kentuckian gets an unexpected bill after a screening colonoscopy.
  • We’ve distributed more than 1.2 million “Are You at Risk?” educational pamphlets across the United States.
  • We offer a colon cancer patient support program for people in Kentucky and Southern Indiana
  • We work with media, businesses, and partners across the state to make sure colon cancer is a focus.
  • We have a community for colon cancer survivors to share their stories and raise awareness about this disease.
  • We have really fun events – the Annual Kicking Butt 5K and the Bottoms Up Bash – as well as many others.
  • We have a documentary called Catching a Killer that airs on Kentucky Educational Television, which has more than 5.5 million viewers in the region.