Education & Prevention

Despite being a highly preventable disease, colorectal cancer is the leading cancer killer among non-smoking men and women in the U.S. In 2012 Kentucky had the highest colon cancer incidence rate, with 2,600 people diagnosed.

Colon cancer usually starts as slow-growing precancerous polyps so early detection through screening makes prevention possible. When detected early, colon cancer can be successfully treated up to 90% of the time.

It’s the Second Leading Cancer Killer!

Colon cancer is still the 2nd leading cancer killer in the United States among both men and women, but we’re changing that. Screening saves lives. Talk with your doctor today about the right screening for you and the right time for you to be screened.

Learn about it

What is colon cancer? Heck, what is the colon? Learn about it here.

Prevent it

With a timely screening, polyps can be detected and removed before they ever turn into cancer. Learn about the screening options, symptoms and risk factors here.

Fight it & survive it

No one is alone in this fight. There are more than 1 million survivors across the U.S. Learn about resources available in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.