Medical Resources

You are not alone! Fighting colon cancer can require a number of different treatments: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. No single doctor can handle all aspects of your treatment for colorectal cancer.

Below are some resources for you and your medical support team as you navigate your diagnosis.

Resources to Understand your Diagnosis
  • My Colon Cancer Coach
    • This online resource can help interpret medical reports and provide personalized information about your diagnosis
    • Click Here to learn more or to sign up
  • American Cancer Society’s Pathology Resource
    • This website can help you interpret your Pathology report
    • Click Here to learn more
  • Colon Cancer Alliance Webinars
    • These are free patient focused webinars hosted by medical professionals on topics related to colorectal cancer
    • Click Here to learn more
  • Fight Colorectal Cancer Worksheets
    • These are downloadable worksheets that provide information and tips as well as help you stay organized through your treatment journey
    • Click Here to learn more
  • The Colorectal Cancer Resource Guide
    • This is a free DVD designed to explain the colon cancer journey to people who were recently diagnosed
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With the guidance of your primary physician, your team may include these specialists:

  • A medical oncologist, who will oversee your medical treatment and prescribe chemotherapy
  • A radiation oncologist, who will treat you with radiation
  • A colorectal surgeon, a general surgeon, or a surgical oncologist, who will perform surgery
  • You might also work with other health care professionals at the hospital, including nurses, pathologists, and other specialists.

You might want to seek out others who can help with needs related to colorectal cancer treatment. You could check in with a dietitian to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients during treatment. You might also want to see a therapist — such as a social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist — to help you cope with the emotional effects of cancer and the treatment process. Members of your family might benefit from therapy, as well.


In your search for colorectal cancer specialists, start with your primary care doctor. He or she will be able to recommend colorectal cancer specialists in your area. You could also try looking at the web sites of local hospitals. Or you could consult national organizations, like the American College of Surgeons or the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with a specialized cancer treatment center, you should consider starting there. Here is a list of suggested doctors specializing in the treatment of colon cancer in the areas we serve.

Clinical Trials
  • Colon Cancer Alliance Clinical Trial Matching Service
    • This service help you find a clinical trial that matches your diagnosis
    • Click Here to learn more or to search
  • DATABLUE Clinical Trial Database
    • This Continually updated database can help find a clinical trial that matches your diagnosis
    • Click Here to learn more or to search
  • Cardiff Oncology Clinical Trial Database
    • Cardiff Oncology is a clinical stage company focused on providing patients with clinical trial options. Cardiff’s lead trial, CRDF-004, focuses on KRAS or NRAS-mutated colorectal cancer in the first line setting.
    • Information on how to verify eligibility can be found at