Anatomy of Your Digestive System

Anatomy of your digestive SystemAs food travels through your esophagus, stomach and small intestine it breaks down and nutrients are absorbed for energy. Once digested, food reaches your large intestine (or bowel) where fluid is absorbed solid waste is formed. Your large intestine is mostly made up of your colon, a muscular tube that stores waste. Your digestive system ends with your rectum where waste is released through the anus.

Your colon has 4 sections:

Sections of the ColonAscending Colon – The first section of the large intestine. It connects to the small intestine by the cecum.

Transverse Colon – The second section that runs across your body.

Descending Colon – goes down the left side of your body.

Sigmoid Colon – The last section of the large intestine that leads to the rectum.