Meet our December Survivor Spotlight: Becky Callahan

Becky CallahanLearn more below about Becky Callahan, our featured Survivor Spotlight for December. Becky shares more about her personal experience with colon cancer, her advice for others, and more!

Can you please share a little bit about your cancer diagnosis and treatment? (how old were you at the time of diagnosis?; what type of cancer was it and what stage?; and what kind of treatment did you receive?)

My sister said I needed to get a colonoscopy, and I told her that nothing was wrong with me so I did not need to do it. Then, I was diagnosed in November 2013 with colon cancer at the age of 57. I had surgery that month and 12 inches of my colon was removed. Then, in September 2014, I went for a PET scan and they found two cells in my lungs, which were biopsied and determined to be cancerous. In June 2015, I had a port put in and started chemo in July 2015. I am still going through chemo now.

How were you affected by cancer?

Cancer affected the foods I can eat, makes me tired a lot, and has caused depression.

What did you find was most beneficial to you while going through treatment/surgeries, etc?

The most beneficial things have been the doctors, family, nurses, and friends.

Looking back on your experience, what do you wish you had known before/during your fight?

I am still taking chemo and I will not be done until after December 2015.

What are a few pieces of advice you would offer to those who have recently faced a diagnosis?

I would tell them to hang in there. It is hard but you can get through this with the help at colon centers and the doctors and nurses.

What are a few pieces of advice you would offer to the family members of the diagnosed?

It is hard on family members. I would tell them to just take care of their loved one.

If you could communicate anything to those who have been affected by cancer and those that may be, what would that be?

I would let everybody now to please get tested to prevent cancer.

What has been the toughest part of your experience with colon cancer? 

The toughest time is eating and my chemo treatments. It is also hard for my family listening to me cry, scream, and see me always tired.

What are you proudest of?

I am proudest of my sister who made me get this test.

What are you most grateful for?

I am grateful for my doctors, nurses, family, and friends. I am also grateful that one day I will be cancer free.

What is your biggest dream today?

My biggest dream is being cancer free and getting back to real life.


We are sending all our best to Becky as she continues her treatments and fight against colon cancer! She is kicking butt!