Giving Tuesday – $5 is the Perfect FIT


There are many ways to screen for colon cancer. Depending on your age, medical condition, family history, and risk, your doctor will recommend the one that is best for you. Many people think of colonoscopies when they think of screening but the truth is that colonoscopies aren’t your only option.

Another great option for people of average risk is the Fecal Immunochemical Test or FIT test. A FIT test costs about $5 to distribute and we really like it because it provides another option for colon cancer screening. Many people like it because it is noninvasive, doesn’t involve prep, and can be done in the privacy and comfort of their home. The more options available, the more people who get screened!

Here’s where you come in: if every person who read this blog post, saw our Facebook page, or liked this picture on Instagram donated $5 today for Giving Tuesday, how many FIT tests could we provide? How many lives could we save?

We have a goal of screening 80% of people (for whom it is appropriate) by 2016. We are currently seeing screening rates at just over 60%. Your contribution will go a long way toward making this dream of 80% a reality, to screening more people, and, of course, to saving more lives!

We hope you’ll consider donating $5 (or any amount) today in celebration of Giving Tuesday and that, when you do, you share it on social media with your friends and family using the hashtag, #CCPPGiving Tuesday.

If you’re not so sure about the whole social media thing, here’s an example you can use!



Noninvasive fecal tests are a proven screening method to prevent colon cancer. $5 covers the cost of these tests. Will you consider joining me in saving a life today? Thanks so much! I hope you share it, too!



Or, you can head over to our Facebook page and share one of our posts!



When you share your gift socially, we also hope you’ll save this picture and share it as well, letting all of your friends and family know that YOU KICKED BUTT today!


From all of us here at the Colon Cancer Prevention Project, we are so very thankful for you! Your generosity, time, passion, and talent make the work we do possible! You save lives!

Now, let’s go have a butt-kicking Giving Tuesday! 


Follow the hashtag #CCPPGivingTuesday on our social media!

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