About The Fighter’s Fund

Fighters' Fund iconABOUT THE FUND

The Fighters’ Fund is a financial assistance program that provides one-time grants of $200 to qualifying patients based on need.

Applicants must meet these qualifications:

  • Be a resident of Kentucky or Floyd or Clark Counties in Southern Indiana.
  • Be receiving treatment for colon or rectal cancer.
  • Have never received a grant from the Colon Cancer Prevention Project Fighters’ Fund.

Grants are awarded based on need and available funding. Grants are considered on a quarterly basis. For a grant to be considered during a particular quarter, this application must be received by the Colon Cancer Prevention Project by that quarter’s deadline (see list below).

Application Deadlines

1st quarter: Applications accepted Jan. 2 – April 1

2nd quarter: Applications accepted April 2 – July 1

3rd quarter: Applications accepted July 2 – Oct. 1

4th quarter: Applications accepted Oct. 2 – Jan. 1

All applicants will be notified by mail once the review process is complete. The review committee meets quarterly and notifications are mailed within 45 days of the quarter’s deadline. Applicants who qualify for a grant but do not receive one are welcome to reapply.


To apply, print and fill out this form completely and mail to:

Colon Cancer Prevention Project

PO Box 4039

Louisville, KY 40204

For more information, contact the Colon Cancer Prevention Project: (502) 290-0288 or (800) 841-6399.