100 Holes of Golf with Golf Pro, Eric Gilliland

On Sunday, June 27th, Golf Pro Eric Gilliland will play 100 holes of golf to raise money and awareness for colon cancer prevention!

This will be Eric’s 9th time leading this fundraising event since his own personal battle with colon cancer when he was 35. After 10 years in remission, Eric is a relentless advocate for symptom recognition and timely colon cancer screening.

For this year’s 100 Holes event, Eric will have a strong support team golfing alongside him who have also become strong advocates for colon cancer awareness and prevention.


Check out what has inspired Eric and his team to lead and participate in this great event!











Eric Gilliland and His Daughter Libby

We may not be the first with the idea to use 100 holes of golf to raise funds for a charitable organization, but we found the idea of using golf as a vehicle for positive change at our home club extremely compelling. The Colon Cancer Prevention Project was founded in 2003 and has been helping individuals battling colon cancer receive the help they need along with raising awareness for screening and prevention ever since. Since we began supporting The Project through 100 Holes, we have raised over $78,000. The change this has made in the state of Kentucky when it comes to colon cancer rates is eye opening, but the work is not over yet! The recommended age to begin screening for colon cancer is now 45 because cases are reaching younger and younger individuals. This will be our 9th Annual 100 Holes event, and we are asking for your support to continue raising awareness and lowering colon cancer rates in our state.”












When I have a bad day on the course, I take a step back to realize how lucky I am to play the sport I love for a living. I haven’t been able to get where I am today without my swing coach, Eric Gilliland. He has become my mentor, my coach, and my second dad. When Eric was 35 years old, he was surprisingly diagnosed with colon cancer. At the time of his diagnosis, he was exhibiting multiple symptoms he was unaware were red flags. He has been in remission for over 10 years and realizes he was lucky. Since then, he has taken on the responsibility to make a difference and help others. I am excited and honored to be participating in the 9th Annual 100 Holes for colon cancer. This will be a true test of mind over matter in the summer heat, but I am so honored to be able to do this.”








Austin and Ryan

We didn’t know Eric when he was diagnosed with colon cancer, but now hearing the story of how and why he got tested opened our eyes to how we should be cautious to even the smallest red flags. Before working here or talking to Eric about colon cancer, we both feel we had very little knowledge of colon cancer. Eric has taken on the responsibility to make a difference and help others by teaching and getting information out to others, including us. Once he asked us if we would be interested in playing 100 Holes, we were extremely honored. This is one way we get to show our support and appreciation to Eric and we also get the opportunity to get even more information out to others.”


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