Volunteer Committees Throughout the State

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In celebration of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing work being done by our volunteers. Today, we’re highlighting volunteer committees throughout the state and region and the amazing work they’re doing to kick colon cancer’s butt!

As the Colon Cancer Prevention Project expands its base to serve more Kentuckians than ever, we’ve enlisted volunteers throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana. We now have volunteer committees in Southern Indiana and Lexington and are hoping to start developing a committee in Eastern Kentucky. These committees do everything from planning education opportunities to community outreach. This year, the Lexington Committee is planning the first ever Lexington Kicking Butt 5k!

Our Southern Indiana committee is becoming very active!. They are currently planning an open house for all of the Project’s Indiana supporters to come and hear about new efforts in Indiana and see how they can get involved. It’s very exciting!18c52216-d505-4799-b13a-f11f03e28ed5

Our Lexington committee has grown by 50% in the last 6 weeks and has split into two separate committees: Education & Awareness and Fundraising & Development. The Education and Awareness Committee will work on all programs and health fairs for Lexington and help with our other events in the area. The Fundraising and Development Committee is hard at work planning the 1st Annual Kicking Butt 5k in Lexington!

We don’t have a committee in Eastern Kentucky as of yet, but our Program Director, Patty Francis, and Health Systems Education Manager, Amanda Smart, have spent a lot of time in that part of the state recently and are eager to develop a committee. We have not yet seen an increase in screening rates in that part of the state and we want to increase our efforts and presence to ensure that Eastern Kentuckians receive timely colon cancer screenings!

12310009_10154354909119046_9063842301714274862_oWe’re loving the opportunity to spread awareness throughout the state and save Kentucky lives by encouraging timely colon cancer screenings! Our volunteers kick butt!
We are currently recruiting members for all of these committees! If you’re interested, email Patty Francis. We’d love your help!