Volunteer Appreciation Week: Fighter’s Fund Committee


Our Fighters' Fund Committee

In 2013, the Colon Cancer Prevention Project’s supporters started the Stanley R. Frager Fighters’ Fund in order to provide one-time grants to colon cancer patients in Kentucky and Southern Indiana who need it most. The Fighter’s Fund is a grant program made possible by many, many private donors. The Fighter’s Fund Committee is a volunteer committee that works tirelessly to process, organize, and select applications to receive Fighter’s Fund grants.

Applications are processed quarterly. Once we receive an application, it goes to our committee chair, Mia Starcevic. She puts the information into an Excel file, redacting out all identifying medical information. At the end of each quarter, the seven committee members gather to look over the applications. The committee approves as many applications as possible, based on both guidelines and available funding. (And don’t worry – the only people to ever see an application are Project staff and Fighter’s Fund Committee members!)11701179_10153996566684046_3726276214723401963_n

Once the decisions are made, the committee drafts letters for the chair to sign. We make out the checks and put everything in the mail – all within a few days of the committee meeting! 
We put a lot of effort into ensuring that as many of our Fighter’s receive support as possible. Thanks, Fighter’s Fund Committee! You kick butt!

We’re always looking for volunteers! If you’re interested, email Patty Francis. We’d love your help!