The least boring story. Ever.

this is Rick Barney’s story. Rick calls it boring.
We call it awesome. This is the kind of story we love – the story of on-time screening.
Here’s what happened when Rick got screened at age 50.
Rick Barney survivor

Rick with his wife Mellissa

“I cannot share my story without sharing my Christian faith, as it was by listening to the voice of God that I was cured of colon cancer.

In retrospect, mine is a boring story – the kind of story that the Colon Cancer Prevention Project strives for every day as they, and you, KICK BUTT!

In the fall of 2013, at age 50, I scheduled my first screening. My long-time doctor agreed it would be a good idea, but with no such family history, he was not overly concerned. Nonetheless, something compelled me to make it a priority. I’m not sure why, I just knew it was the thing to do.

November 13th came and went uneventfully, yet I was informed that two polyps were removed and would be tested for any abnormalities. I thought nothing of it and anticipated the “all is good” call from my doctor.

On Tuesday, November 19th, our wedding anniversary, I receive the call – “malignant tumor . . . discovered early . . . surgery needed . . . colon cancer.”

My surgeon was confident that because it was detected early that I would be “cured of this particular problem.” Surgery is set for a week later, November 26th. I maintain a regular routine and remain positive, grateful that God led me to be screened.

Following surgery I am told “all went well” yet must await the test results of additional tissue.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, sitting with my wife, my surgeon shares the news – “all clear” – the lab reports are negative, the cancer was very isolated.

I am blessed that I was screened, diagnosed, treated and cured in less than two weeks.

Thanksgiving now has a whole new meaning for me.

This holiday season, suggest to someone that it’s time to be screened – you might save a life, and help create some more “boring stories.”

 Happy Thanksgiving.



A note from the Project: On-time screening can catch cancer before it starts, or can catch it early when it’s extremely curable. Talk with your doctor about the right time for you to get screened!