New screening coverage in Ky. starts this month!



As of Jan. 1, all screening colonoscopies in Kentucky are 100% covered by insurance.

That means that if you have a screening colonoscopy (screening means that you don’t have symptoms or a family history) and a polyp is found and removed (for example), you will not have to fear having an unexpected bill or copay.

Also, if you take a non-invasive fecal test (such as a FIT test or Cologuard test) that has a positive result, which requires further testing through a colonoscopy, that is covered as well.

The Colon Cancer Prevention Project led the advocacy for this effort last winter, and we’re excited to share that it is now in effect! Kentucky made history with this law, which we believe is the most comprehensive one in the country.

What happens if you do get a bill after a screening colonoscopy? You have the power to appeal it. Call your insurance company to file an appeal. Also, speak with your doctor and be sure they know about this law!

See the full law here: Screening Bill Amendment 2015.

And the state Department of Insurance’s opinion here: Advisory Opinion 2015.

Of note: Medicare beneficiaries are currently an exception to this. We are partnering with national organizations to change this, and in 2015 our Founder Dr. Whitney Jones lobbied for this change in Washington, D.C.