Meet Our September Volunter of the Month

Ashley Davidson, 9.14 Volunteer of the MonthMeet Ashley Davidson, our September VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH!

*How did you get involved with The Project?

“I got involved with the project when Andrea told me they needed committee members for the 5K.  I have volunteered for other 5K’s and had a lot of contacts from my previous experiences so it was easy to jump right in.  I really love the dedication of the whole 5K Planning Committee.  I am fortunate to have not lost a loved one or suffered from colon cancer, but I know many who have.  I am excited I was able to give my time in effort to kicking colon cancer’s butt and raising awareness!”

*Why Louisville?

“I was born in Oregon, but grew up in Louisville.  I moved away for college and lived in other cities for 10 years.  But my family is in Louisville, and let’s face it, this city is getting awesomer all the time!  Who wouldn’t choose Louisville?”

*Favorite restaurant in Louisville?

“My favorite restaurant in Mussel & Burger Bar.  A lot of people think that’s odd, since I’m a vegetarian, but they have the best beet and quinoa burger!”

*What is one interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?

“I do an insanely realistic donkey impersonation!”

*What is your motto you live by?

“A party without cake is just a meeting.”

*What is some advice you were given long ago and still live by?

“Work hard and play hard.”

*What is your guilty pleasure? (Yes, we mean the one you are slightly embarrassed to admit.)

“My guilty pleasure is the show Bachelor in Paradise.  It’s so awful, but I watch it every week to see what drama unfolds!  And I love to read teen fiction books like Hunger Games and Twilight!”

*If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

“I’d go to Greece.  I love Greek food and the beaches are so beautiful!”

*If you could trade places with anyone in the world (dead or alive) for a month, who would choose and why?

“I would trade places with Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony or Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  They pioneered for women’s suffrage and their efforts led to the passage of the nineteenth amendment in 1920.  I am a big believer in voting and our democracy and I admire these ladies for their efforts to give women the right to vote!”