Join us on Feb. 9 for a life-saving day

I am writing to share with you a volunteer opportunity on Tuesday, Feb. 9 that we would love to have you join us for!

The Colon Cancer Prevention Project has teamed up with the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network to spend the day speaking with legislators about top health issues, including the importance of Kentucky’s Colon Cancer Screening Program. This program is saving lives, allowing low-income Kentuckians to get life-saving colon screenings and avoid cancer.

The day starts at 8:30 a.m. in Frankfort and ends in the early afternoon. All you have to do is register at this link, and ACSCAN will schedule your meetings with your legislators. I will be there with you and will provide information about the screening program and assist with what to say to your legislator.

YOU can help Kentuckians avoid cancer! 

If you aren’t able to make it, you can still help. Call or write your legislator and tell them to continue to support the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program. Tell them how colon cancer has touched your life, and why it’s important to you that everyone be able to get life-saving screenings! Click here to find your legislator.

Here’s a blog post with additional information that might interest you.

—Andrea Shepherd, Executive Director