Congratulations, Patty Francis, on the SSAT Public Service Award!

13230195_10209446077938607_1839807141540103215_nWe are so thrilled to share with you that our very own Program Director, Patty Francis, was the recipient of the Public Service Award, given by The Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract (SSAT).

In 2008, the SSAT Board of Trustees “voted to establish the SSAT Public Service Award, to recognize an individual or organization from the lay community that has impacted the public by promoting or creating awareness of gastrointestinal health.” They noted that “the recipient should have dedicated considerable time and/or expertise to significantly impact the advancement of the lay public to understand or cope with problems of gastrointestinal health.”

Dr. Susan Galandiuk, a Colorectal Surgeon at the University of Louisville and SSAT member, was very familiar with all of Patty’s tireless efforts and nominated her for this prestigious award. The SSAT’s board saw Patty’s application and recognized what we already knew – that Patty kicks butt!

Patty received her award at the SSAT’s Annual Meeting, held May 21-24 in San Diego, California.

In their acknowledgement of her efforts, the SSAT thanked Patty for her “relentless pursuit to educate and assist the people of Kentucky on the need for colorectal cancer screening.” May we all take a lesson from Patty and be relentless in our own efforts to spread awareness about colon cancer!

Patty, we’re so very proud of you and all the work that you do to kick colon cancer’s butt. Thanks for being such an amazing advocate and public servant! Congratulations!