Colon Cancer Survivor to Play 100 Holes of Golf to Raise Funds and Awareness

Twelve years ago, at the age of 35, I experience trace amounts of rectal bleeding.  My wife, Susan, had remarkably just read an article about symptoms you cannot ignore.  My general practitioner recommended a precautionary colonoscopy through which cancerous polyps were discovered.  I had to have an emergency resection the next day.  Fortunately, the GI who took my case was an avid golfer who understood the active lifestyle of a country club golf professional.  He performed an aggressive resection that got all of the cancer and returned me to work within a few months.

My associate, Chris Wilson, and I choose to play 100 holes to celebrate my full recovery from colon cancer and to highlight what is possible through symptom recognition and timely screening.


The scare that the diagnosis caused my family is a reminder of what families go through every day with this terrible disease.  Since it is largely preventable, Libby, Conner, Tony, Susan and I partnered with Chris to raise funds and awareness within our immediate circle of friends, family, and Audubon Country Club members.  What is so amazing is how that circle has widened and evolved into a complimentary event – the Colon One Golf Scramble.


The big message we try to deliver is – know your family history – don’t ignore symptoms – get screened at 45.


I am proud to now serve the Project on its Board of Directors and to play a small part in furthering the vision of Dr. Whitney Jones.  The 100 Hole initiative has raised over $50,000 since inception and have already raised over $2,000 on the way to our $20,000 goal for 2019.


If you would like to donate to the 100 Holes and help to raise money for the Colon Cancer Prevention Project, follow this link. Thank you for your support!


Know the symptoms and get screened. It might save your life!