Are You Ready for CRC Awareness Month?

We’re just days away from March, which is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month!

Now is the time to plan creative ways to encourage the people in your life to take colon cancer seriously and get screened on time.

Here are 3 great ways to get involved in March:

  1. Tell your co-workers to get screened. Make awareness month fun by having an in-office fundraiser. Tell everyone to wear blue on March 4th, and post a photo on your company’s social media. Be sure to pick up screening education pamphlets from our office and hand them out to everyone in your office. *Email to coordinate a pick up time!
  2. Talk to your family about your family history. Send a text, tag them in a social media post, or get everybody together for a meal, and start the discussion about cancer in your family. Don’t know what questions to ask? Check out these resources to get started. **Remember, if you have an immediate family member with a history of polyps or cancer, you need to start screening at age 40 or younger. If you don’t have a family history, make sure everyone 45+ has been screened and make sure everyone knows what symptoms to look out for, no matter how old they are.
  3. Dress in blue on Friday, March 4th and post on social media.  Tell your friends and followers why colon cancer screening and prevention is so important. Borrow any facts/statistics from our website or the American Cancer Society. Go the next level by picking up screening education pamphlets from our office and handing them to people you pass! *Email to coordinate a pick up time!