Announcing the first recipient of our new Project Innovation grant program!

We are thrilled to formally announce the first recipient of our first-ever Project Innovation grant program: the Southern KY AHEC (Area Health Education Center)!

The team will be implementing components of a multi-faceted awareness program for Knox County, Ky. Over the course of the next year, they will be working with partners to support the goal of their funded “Never Too Young” project that focuses on driving an increase in the number of appropriate screenings among Knox County, KY residents, with emphasis placed on those under 50 who are at risk.

On September 24, 2015, Community Outreach and Survivor Support Manager Lindy Reinhardt traveled to Mt. Vernon, Ky. to meet the team, deliver the “check”, and take some pictures. The team shared more about the work of the Southern Ky. AHEC and the planned details of this project. Among other components, the project includes a press release to announce the launch of the program; feature articles in multiple local newspapers sharing success stories; educational mailings to all Knox County residents; billboard advertisement promoting the importance of screening; a hosted “Dinner with the Doc” event in partnership with local healthcare agencies; multiple educational half-day exhibits; public service announcement messages (PSAs) on local radio stations; education and information shared on multiple social media outlets; and more!

The “Never Too Young” project team includes: Marisa Greer (Interim Dean, School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Union College), Dwain Harris (Center Director, Southern KY AHEC), Tammy Owens, RN (H.A.N.D.S. Coordinator, Knox County Health Department), Janet Wilder (Human Resources Director, Knox County Hospital), and George Hammons (Pharmacist/Owner, Knox Professional Pharmacy), and the support of the Southern KY AHEC staff.

We look forward to receiving updates on the progress of the project, and we sincerely thank the team for the work with do and will be doing as part of this project! They are #kickingbutt.

Stay tuned for more information to come about our Project Innovation program, including the other recipient which will be announced tomorrow! And, remember, you are #nevertooyoung to be impacted by colon cancer. Talk to your doctor TODAY about the options for a timely, life-saving screening!

"Never Too Young" Project Innovation grant recipients

“Never Too Young” Project Innovation grant recipients receiving the check from the Project’s Community Outreach and Survivor Support Manager, Lindy Reinhardt

"Never Too Young" Project Innovation grant recipients

“Never Too Young” Project Innovation grant recipients: the Southern KY AHEC team (from left: Shawnee Eckert, Office Manager/Special Projects Coordinator; Gerry Musterman, Clinical Education Coordinator; Sherry Spragens, Health Careers Coordinator; Kelly Owens, Education Specialist; Anna Jones, Asst. Center Director/Outreach Education Coordinator; Dwain Harris, Center Director)