Susan’s Story: Screening Works

Susan_Murray_ “I live in NJ.  I have been blessed with having good insurance and doctors who supported my desire to get a colonoscopy before the recommended age 50.  I wanted this done even though I have no verified family history (a great great grandma had some issue that required a colostomy bag but that’s it).   So at age 47, they removed 6 polyps, 2 biggish.  No cancer in them. I went back this year, and had another 3 removed. No cancer in them.  My doctor said (and I quote), “If we hadn’t taken these out, you would definitely have had cancer in 5 years”.  Very sobering thought.

“My parents don’t have polyps when they get their colonoscopies. I exercise, eat right, am not overweight, don’t smoke.   I am after my brother, who lives in WY, to get a colonoscopy – he is younger than I am and even more fit.  However, he does not have the insurance I have.   I have directed him to see about getting a free colonoscopy.  I keep after him to do this so hopefully, he will follow through.

That’s my story.”

— Susan Murray, New Jersey