Survivor Spotlight: Meet Patti

When I reflect on my colon cancer journey, I feel tremendous gratitude for getting a colonoscopy to save my life.

I was 58 years old and had a colonoscopy at 51, so I thought I was good for 10 years.  I had been extremely tired for several years, and my former PCP just kept attributing it to my age and working full-time.

A low blood count at a yearly exam showed anemia, so a colonoscopy was ordered.  Stage 2B colon cancer with a resection followed.  With the depth of invasion my previous doctor thought oxilaplatin and xeloda would be the treatment, but after severe side effects and learning I had Lynch syndrome (a genetic mutation), I stopped these treatments.  I have learned reoccurrence immunotherapy is the sensible option for my treatment.

I pray every day, meditate, walk, and treasure every moment with friends and family. I do not sweat the small stuff. I downsized with my husband of 37 years, and I find joy in the simple life.  Eating better, moving more, and joining a survivor support group have been positive steps.

Advanced care and knowledge is the key to catching cancer.  I can’t stress enough to know your family history, get regular preventative check ups, and appreciate every day of life.  Sunrises and sunsets, family time, and nature are calming to the survivor mind.

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