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July has 31 days and there are many ways for you to help by #kickingbutt!

Do you feel like #kickingbutt this month?  There are many opportunities for you to get involved in July and beyond; learn more below!  Don’t see anything that sparks your interest?  Let us know your ideas today! EVENTS The Kicking Butt … Continue reading

On poop emoji, and drinking prep out of a martini glass

Why do smiling poop emoji’s exist?

Comedian Dane Cook said it’s a favorite of women everywhere: “Coffee cup coffee cup equals poop poop!”
But really, I think it exists solely for my sister who one day each year gets the opportunity to channel her junior high self and giggle as she fills my cell with line after line of them. Colonoscopy prep day. Continue reading

‘I was diagnosed on April Fool’s Day at age 38′

“My story begins in December, when I started having abdominal pains, which was my one and only symptom.
They first appeared after a long night of “celebration.” I thought it was just part of a hangover, and I remember thinking to myself, “I’m getting old because my hangovers are getting worse!” Continue reading

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